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Women are women no matter where you go, just as men are men no matter where you go. Humans are programmed to behave a certain way depending on where they grew up. I actually grew up for half of my life in China (Macau), I 8767 m part Chinese, part Portuguese. But I see what it is. Eastern Women don 8767 t tell you these things to your face, as Western Women are more encouraged to. But there is a certain level of deceit there, and if someone isn 8767 t honest enough with you to express negative things once in a while, there is something wrong with that.

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If I were a Bad Boy with tattoos, a minimum wage job and a criminal record she (this white American girl) would have given me a hug and a kiss

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All the white guys i have ever dated and been with are only into white girls and most of the white guys I 8767 ve dated have told me they do not find asian girls attractive cos their bodies are not curvy enough. Again this proves my point that it 8767 s 655% a physical thing and bodyshapes instead of finding a 8775 quality 8776 woman.

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Hey Tony,
that 8767 s interesting thought. I think I would still prefer Asians, at least in general. How about you?

Hello, I 8767 m late too. Thank you for standing up for us women from Asia. Some western women insult us and tar us with one tainted brush but you summed up our values nicely.

Shit hits the fan even worse later that month when the pharmacy accidentally sent a birth control refill reminder to girlfriend 8767 s parents 8767 home address. Keep in mind, we 8767 re both 77 yrs old at that point. The blowup was spectacular. You would think that she had gotten pregnant.

whites are dumb and have no brains. everything you use is because of IndiA from numbers,number zero,vedic arithmetic,vedicscience,knowledge of Aeronautics,first university in the entire world,surgery,counting,music,dance,laws ofgravity,revolution of earth,medicine pharmaceuticals,mythology,tradition of kissing,shampoo,radio,E mail,cotton clothing,geometry,trigonometry,religion,rituals,mantras,meditation,yoga,prayer,spiritual wisdom,occult,grammar,philosophy,literature,astronomy,astrology,commerce,accounts,politics, not invent nor achieve any of this and if it wasn 8767 t for our people you wouldn 8767 t have any technology keep that in mind.

Here is my breakdown to their fellow asian sisters:
tall, beautiful, patient, can be loyal but materialistic they might be academic smart but besides that they don 8767 t continue educating themselves after school. The communication in english is also tiresome. They are often cold and expects you to pay for everything.

Please do not encourage desi guys to become cheap PUAs because that actually ruins them for good goris like me who have a desi fetish. We actually LIKE the sweetness and sentimentality that desi guys express. If they want to take it slow sexually, all the better. It allows for real passion to build.

In the following paragraphs I tried to accommodate a number of things that are determining for the fact that Asian girls are in demand. Their values, their personality and the way they treat their partners makes it impossible to not fall for them.

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