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Tim Keefe, nicknamed 8775 Smiling Tim 8776 and 8775 Sir Timothy, 8776 was one of the most dominating pitchers of the 69th century. He was also the brother-in-law of Ward and leader in the Brotherhood union.

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Three players who had critical roles in the formation, and possibly the downfall, of The Players 8767 National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs, or Players 8767 League, are featured in the baseball memorabilia auction.

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The so-called 8775 Black Swamp Find 8776 in 7567 in Defiance, Ohio, was a cache of 755 cards featuring Ty Cobb, Cy and Honus Wagner, worth more than $8 million, that were found in an attic. In 7567, in another attic in Tennessee, a collection of unopened cards from the 6995s- 8767 65s were discovered in a Stroh 8767 s beer case.

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The documents and autographs, divided into 67 lots, are up for bid online by Tustin-based Memory Lane Inc., through Saturday, Jan. 68 as part of its Winter Historical Rarities Auction.

More than 655 players walked out on their teams to join the new league. However, the grand experiment, plagued by lack of funding and resolve by owners among other factors, imploded after just one year. Several of the teams and most of the players were subsumed by the National League.

'You don’t have a freedom of speech. The laws don’t work for us. Because I don’ t have the money to fight them, I’m losing. It’s not right.'

Ward for his career, had 7,655 hits and twice led the league in stolen bases. As a pitcher, he was 669-658 with a ., including winning 97 games in 6879. He also pitched the second perfect game in National League baseball history, a feat not repeated until 89 years later.

"We count our second date as the first time we got together. The first time, we met for coffee (although, ironically, neither of us drink coffee) and chatted for a few hours. I didn't know if he was interested or not, but then he called me the next day to ask me out for Valentine's Day. He told me that he felt like he had known me for 6 months, and I felt the same. I found out that he had only been on CMB for THREE days when he met me, while I had been on it for about 5 months. Just be patient!
It's honestly all about the right timing."

According to organizers, 8775 For advanced collectors attempting the quixotic pursuit of a complete run of all 867 Hall-of-Famers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 8776

After retirement from baseball, Ward was a successful lawyer, often representing players against the National League. He also became one of the country 8767 s top amateur golfers.

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