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Date: 2018-02-12 14:13

Andrej Pejic, The 1 most popular model in the world, does not like the term "transgender" does not feel like a "transgender" & does NOT want surgery. Transgender mutilation was forced on him. So,,,, why is usa & Iran forcing gender mutilation? When asked about sex, He said "I'm a virgin" he isn't gay.


Nearly two years to the day of its majority investment in Grindr, China-based tech firm Kunlun Group has fully acquired the gay dating app.
Grindr is among the, if not the, world’s most popular LBQT dating app with a claimed 3.3 million daily users. Kunlun, which is best known for games but is part of a consortium that acquired Opera’s browser business, bought 60 percent of the service in January 2016 for $93 million. China Money Network reported that Kunlun paid $152 million for the... ... Read the entire article at the source link...


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