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Date: 2018-02-12 12:02

It’s safe to say no one is having a better month than Selfie Kid, the teenager who snapped a selfie with halftime performer Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl last weekend. 

Well, he has a name, Ryan McKenna, and apparently his press tour isn’t over yet, because...


Microsoft is beefing up its Slack-like collaboration software, Microsoft Teams, with the technology (and the founder) from collaboration software startup Chalkup. Following the acquisition, Microsoft says it will bring some of the features Chalkup had built to the Microsoft Teams for Education product experience.
Chalkup was founded in 2013 by CEO Justin Chando, who’s joining Microsoft as a result of this deal, and CTO Tim Costa, who left Chalkup in 2015.
The startup offered a classroom... ... Read the entire article at the source link...


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The #SuperBowl selfie kid is here! And guess who surprised him again?! My friend, #JustinTimberlake. Пацан с фотки с Супер-Кубка здесь! И угадайте, кто снова устроил ему сюрприз?! Мой друг Джастин.

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01. Arty & April Bender - Sunrise (Extended Mix)
02. Myon & Shane 54 and Natalie Peris - Outshine (Nigel Good Remix)
03. Above & Beyond feat. Justine Suissa - Naked
04. Elypsis & Fenna Day - Who You Are (Extended Mix)
05. Above & Beyond - Is It Love (1001)
06. Taival - When Words End (Original Mix)
07. Sheridan Grout - Escape (Extended Mix)
08. Ferry Corsten - Reborn (Original Mix)
09. Risingsun - Passion (Himmi Remix)
10. Alex Di Stefano - My Shadow (Original Mix)
11. Solarstone & Scott Bond - Red Line Highway (Factor B's Extended Back To The Future Remix)
12. Linnea Schössow & Rafael Osmo - Pure World (Original Mix)
13. Risingsun & Himmi - Captivating (Himmi's Uplifting Mix)


CAL LYNCH: — What kind of prison is this?
SOPHIA RIKKIN: — It's not a prison. You're about to enter the Animus. What you're about to see, hear and feel are the memories of your ancestor, who has been dead for five hundred years.

Director: Justin Kurzel


Denna sjukliga dyrkan av islam.

Why is Justin Trudeau obsessed with Islam, is a question that Jill Colton, the woman who made this video asks. Since then, he has allowed for ISIS terrorists to reintegrate into Canadian society, participated in the #HijabHoax and has given millions in aid to Muslim majority countries around the world.

What do you think? Why is Justin Trudeau obsessed with Islam?



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