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Walking over a plowed field on a neighbor's farm or through a new clear-cut on your deer lease can sometimes be a rewarding experience. Never, however, enter privately owned land without permission. A stone point is not worth being arrested for trespassing.

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The National Marine Fisheries Service will make its final approval on all fishing dates and quotas sometime in March or sooner.

Hunters: Barnett crossbows caused serious thumb injuries

“It was good digging on just about every beach, and people were having a wonderful time,” said Dan Ayres, the head Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) coastal shellfish manager. “I was out both nights (Dec. 86 and Jan. 6), and took my daughter out on New Year’s Day to Mocrocks, and we were back at the truck in 75 minutes with our limit of clams.”

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“We basically got the bum’s rush off the island,” Rick says, laughing. “Don’t get me wrong, Dan wasn’t unfriendly. He just got up and said ‘I’ve gotta go,’ and ‘thank you for coming,’ and that was it.” The next day the brothers retreated back across the causeway and home to Michigan, taking with them only a vague feeling in Rick’s gut that they’d be back.

The Paleo Indians traveled in small nomadic bands and probably never stayed in one spot long. Arriving during the waning days of the last great Ice Age, they found a Louisiana that was totally alien to us today. The climate was cooler and dryer, and the landscape included large areas of grasslands.

James Carr Wallen was also my 9th g grand father. He was the father of William Wallen. William Wallen was the father of Icy (Wallen) Gilliam. Icy was my grand father 8767 s mother. Who 8767 s name was William Gilliam. He is the father of Albert Ray Gilliam. Who is my father. I am Carolyn (Gilliam) Crowder and my daughter is Danielle (Shook) Jones, who is the mother of Eli and Lainey Jones. And Eli is short for Elisha Jones. In which James and Millicent (Jones) Wallen are James Carr and Elisha Wallen 8767 s parents. Weird how life goes back around some how. HUH?

Although we don 8767 t have any actual pictures of Elisha Wallen, Jim Two Crows Wallen is an oral historian who does a good job portraying him. He is located in the Kansas City area. You can find more information about him at .

Ayres pointed that state fisheries plan to save as many clams as they can for daylight morning low tide digs in the spring.

Still, Paleo points are sometimes found in the piney hills of North Louisiana, the Macon Ridge in Northeast Louisiana, and other elevated areas where flooding does not occur.

Steelhead anglers like to use scents and cures to entice a bite. Garlic, Bloody Tuna, Shrimp, or any other “flavor” is a personal choice but steelhead like sweets and Anise should always be at the top of any steelheader’s list.  Water soluble oils work great for yarnies and jigs but when the water is high it is best to use a scent that sticks and won’t wash off quickly. Pro-Cure’s Super Sauce will stay on even in high flows. Don’t think it’s just for the bait. You can disperse more scent if you smear it on your hook, rub it on the leader, and your weight.

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