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Date: 2018-02-08 01:07

I only wish to be happy and still have not found my true love. After 7 unsuccessful marriages, I am determine to find and have my true love or I rather die single. There is no need to be with a man if that man is not the one who I am truly in love with. From my previous experiences I know I was never in love with neither of my husbands.

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Remember how horny you were and how often you thought about sex as a teenager? Women in their 85s, 95s, and beyond physically crave sex more than teenage boys.

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Great advice, Evan! I don 8767 t think I 8767 ve ever read anything so clear and to the point. I 8767 ve already forwarded this to a few friends. I know being a gal, we like to over analyze the heck out of what guys say, etc.

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How about instead of all the HOOP JUMPING, she just ASKS HIM OUT? I mean seriously, do you really need all the extra hoop jumping to want to go out again? Just be a 8775 mature 8776 WOMAN about it and ASK HIM. It 8767 s not high school. C 8767 mon, what 8767 s the worst that could happen? If he says no, THEN you have your answer.

I am a 77 year student and i luv dating older women i even have my girl friend she is 76 n i luv her a lot coz sh gv m evrythng i wnt,financially n sexually

Great advice. I wonder about what others think regarding how long to wait for a proposal before determining the guy isn 8767 t interested in that? I 8767 ll be one of those 8775 complicating 8776 people that Jennifer refers to in post #7. In these crazy economic times, a wedding or even a ring may be something postponable for many people.

But that doesn 8767 t really apply to you, Robyn. You 8767 ve been seeing a guy for a month and you want clarity. Thankfully, you won 8767 t have to wait too long to get it. Because, as I said above: the answer will be revealed to you. All you have to do is wait. This is the crux of this article, if not my entire dating philosophy for women.

I come home one day and got the break up speech from her, she told me she didn t feel the same about me as I feel for her. My question is, would this age difference that we had would of been playing on her mind? or was she really genuine with her reasons for her decision? I know I will always be a friend with her, but I know I can give her more as a partner than a friend. I feel a real connection with her.

These comments have been of a great help to me as I have recently met a guy Im 85 and he is 76. We met on a night out 6 weeks ago and we ended up kissing and he wanted to see me again but I declined until 7 weeks ago when I thought what the hell!! He looks and acts late twenties and also holds down 7 jobs and rents his own place with another. Its only been 7 weeks but we get on very well and I am enjoying getting to know him I have told him I want to wait to have sex and he respects this.

He makes me happy, makes me smile and at times drives me batty. But once I look into his beautiful blue eyes, all s well with the world.

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